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In the broader context of community, I serve as both clinical supervisor and educator through public engagements and consultation opportunities.


Offerings include:

  • Media appearances

  • Conferences and lectures

  • Workshops for artists, therapists, and couples

  • Supervision and mentoring for Associate MFTs

  • Consultations for therapists


All classes are divided into two 4 week sessions.

Conversation + Question/Answer

Artist in Relationship:
To Self, Process, and Others

8 Conversations:
Mentoring for The Authentic Therapist

Couples Therapy for Multicultural Artists:
Using your creative genius to build a life you love

$320 - $640 for 4 weeks

Depending on class size and subject

Get on the waitlist for classes starting summer and fall 2021.

Classes fill up quickly!

Trust and Creativity Coaching

You are a creative, activist, or artist, that sometimes struggles to trust the intuitive guidance of your inner knowing. Believing the critical taskmaster that says you aren't good enough or deserving of the opportunities you long for. Instead you continue to "pay your dues" without getting the life you desire. Our work together will challenge the beliefs that are getting in your way and invite you to reconnect and reopen the pathways within your energetic body. Making it easier to listen to the voice telling you "yes you can" and here is the next right step.

6 week packages starting at


6 months packages available after 6 week start up plan

I have had the pleasure of celebrating past clients achieve:

  • Bravely leave abusive positions and find their dream job

  • Get into their first writer's room

  • Sell their first script

  • Become their own boss full-time

  • Find representation

  • Increase their income

  • Find joy in the creative process again

Clinical Supervision

Sessions Counseling Group

12722 Riverside Dr, Suite 104

Valley Village, CA 91607

Group supervision is held on Tuesdays from 1-3pm


I’m looking for talented and brave thinkers who want to revolutionize therapy by showing up in the room as their outrageously, authentic selves. Clinicians who see therapy as a holistic art practice requiring a commitment to deep questioning and evolutionary self awareness.  

As a supervisor, my goal is to support new clinicians as they learn to trust their intuitive, knowing bodies in relationship to their clients and the space they hold with them. The key to becoming a great clinician is presence. It’s not about moving towards perfection or a ridge application of techniques. Our first goal is to learn the language of our own somatic genius and use that foundation to create safety and grounding for our clients to risk and explore the playground of their imagination and the wisdom of their darkness.

We are a feedback loop of self acceptance and love for our clients, but first we must learn to embody them ourselves. That is my mission with any new clinician, remove the blocks of radical self love so we can offer our clients an exquisitely held container so they can meet and be the author of their own healing.

The concentration of my work lives under the banner of personal liberation. Under that heading, I work closely with courageous thinkers (artists, activists, and entrepreneurs), clients who experience oppression due to ethnicity, culture, religion, sexuality, or gender expression, and clients who are learning to navigate lifestyles that confront traditional relational models.

If this speaks to you and you would like to work with me, please send a resume and cover letter to:


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