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Image by Vincent van Zalinge

What Sets Me Apart


  • Radical in my authenticity

  • Grounded in my commitment to you and the work

  • Belief that grace and acceptance are the keys to liberation

  • Love is the answer to everything, everything, everything

  • Experienced and efficient in getting clients from here to there

  • Empowering over pathologizing

  • Fearless exploration, unwavering support

  • Freedom of methodology _ Directed improvisation, just like life

  • Honest

  • Nurturing

  • Real

What To Expect

  • Meeting you right where you are

  • A safe dynamic environment, alive with ideas and conversation

  • Co-created solutions - everyone is heard, everyone has a say

  • Recentering the emotional genius of your body

  • Compassionate attunement

  • Respect

  • Humor / Laughter

  • Hope

  • Soul

What You Bring

  • History, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, Identity, Sexuality

  • Beliefs, Assumptions, Personal Truths, Societal Rules, Internal Messages

  • Community, Neighborhood, Education, Politics, Economics, Work


+ Family

  • Mother, Father, Siblings, Lovers, Spouses, Children

  • Extended family, Best friends, Mentors, Champions, Home


+ Creativity

  • Passion, Love, Discovery, Skill, Talent, Process, Truth

  • Self, Audience, Curiosity, Fear, Ambition, Money, Focus, Freedom


= Human



  • 60 - 90 mins

  • Individual, couples, collaborators

  • Weekly, biweekly

  • Group classes

  • Film/TV and Business Consultations

  • Offices in Valley Village

  • In person, video, phone


  • $350 per session

  • $500 for 90 mins

  • Groups: 

  • $150 a session depending on class offered

  • Film/TV and Business Consultation

  • $1000 and up

  • Payments are due at the beginning of session - Cash, credit card, or check

  • Full fee is charged for late cancellations, must cancel at least 24 hours in advance of appointment time

  • I do not take insurance

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