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Being an artist is complicated. One can be easily consumed by the definition, the discipline, and the demand. It can be life-giving and soul crushing in a single gesture. Managing the emotional and practical implications of a life less ordinary can feel as precarious as Humpty Dumpty's choice of seating. It is a fallacy to believe professional success directly correlates with freedom, happiness, or satisfaction. Many find they have arrived only to realize they sold all three of those commodities along the way. Creating an extraordinary life takes courage, ambition, and intention. I help creatives ground their vision in a sustainable framework that includes not only career, but family, home, joy, novelty, innovation, money, and rest.

  • Manage unique career/life structures in the "gig" economy

  • Build courage, resilience, and resolve in personal and professional environments

  • Navigate oppressive cultural/ political landscapes

  • Create sustainable self-expression

  • Manifest physical and spiritual connection with others

  • Organize priorities, clarify goals, and generate progress

  • Set boundaries of safety while building structures of creativity

  • Explore personal connection to spirituality

  • Build intimacy in the age of disconnection

Couples and Families

Love is a work in progress. As we grow and change, our love for one another will experience the same journey. Love takes commitment and consistency to endure and flourish and yet many of us have a hard time defining how we want those traits to show up in our lives. I help couples articulate the dissidence and renew their behaviors of love by developing concrete steps towards attachment and joy.


  • Articulate needs and expectations for marriage before saying "I do"

  • Balance creative careers and personal relationships

  • Bridge diverse cultural dynamics within couple and extended families

  • Create relational fulfillment

  • Improve sexual intimacy

  • Strengthen the intimate partner bond

  • Improve connections with family and community

  • Fighting to be heard vs. fighting to wound

  • Deciding when to start a family

Parents with Newborn Baby
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Parenthood is an awesome responsibility. The weight of the work can be overwhelming at times. Many parent in reaction to the best and worst experiences from their own childhood. With the constant barrage of advice, criticism, and "perfect" parenting images, it can be hard for parents to feel confident in their parenting choices. I help parents connect to their priorities and design a parenting model that aligns with their core values, and strengthens parent-child relationships.

  • Empower primary partner bond in the wake of new parenthood

  • Embrace multicultural family dynamics

  • Navigate culture, creativity, and connection while parenting

  • Set boundaries of safety within a loving environment

  • Create grit, independence, and social responsibility in children

  • Negotiate blended and co-parenting family issues

  • Traverse the journey from teenager to college graduate

  • Strengthen intimacy with family and community

  • Parenting adult children

Sex & Sexuality

Sex at it's best is the artful blending of joy, safety, presences, magic, and surrender. Many individuals struggle with maintaining a healthy sex practice because of past traumatic experiences that have robbed them of their feeling of safety or because they have lost contact with their feelings of desires. Internal body shaming and performance anxiety can also take a toll.  Work/family responsibilities become the priority and sex for many becomes a chore that they both resent and long for. 

I work with individuals and couples using a variety of guided exploratory exercises (hands free), to help awaken and expand their sexual literacy.  Reconnecting to the body through safety allows for more sensation and energy to arise without judgement or shame, creating a sense of flow, playfulness, and vitality. A healthy sexual practice is one that is intentional and planned. Prioritizing your sexual pleasure is one of the easiest ways to recenter a foolproof connection to joy.

  • Reconnect to joy, playfulness, and pleasure

  • Centering the bond between pleasure and creativity

  • Expand the experience of orgasm, full body orgasms

  • Removing religious shame from sexual practices

  • Self pleasure and the knowing body

  • Consent

  • Sex and parenthood

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